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    Finally the holidays are done. I don’t have to deal with painful siblings and all that mess anymore, at least for now. They can go back to ignoring me except for when they want to feel important about something and I can live my child free life. I was SO immensely relieved this morning. I feel like I have a chance after the last year is behind me. There are a few things I’d like to do. Get sober, get off meds (in the process of that now) get a decent job ( I have an interview tomorrow)… as well as some personal projects. My worst obstacle is dealing with my past, mourning the profound losses I have experienced as the result of an abusive upbringing- and liking myself somehow. How do you do it? I don’t know. There are a small handful of relatives who are still abusive towards me to this day and I ignore them as best I can but at the end of the day I am crying in bed clutching my favorite stuffed animal like a broken little girl. The one that never got nurtured. The one who was shamed, beaten and humiliated- for years and years until there was nothing left.

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