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    Hopefully this is the right section for a sort of an introductory post. I’d like to take more time to explore the forum before posting but I’m in a bit of a rush before work, sober – the first time in awhile.

    Over the years I’ve progressed into a daily drinker and slowly alcohol became ingrained into everything I do. I often go to work with more than 5-6 shots in me.. I’m buzzed before I go to drink with my friends or to the parties.

    Recently I decided to pick up hiking since there’s a couple smaller mountains around and made an effort to reduce my drinking, but that only lasted a few days before I bought another half-gallon(1.75L). My typical rate for the past half year or so is a half-gallon every 2 days. I’ve made a few other attempts to cut back, but I’ve never made an attempt to totally quit.

    My dilemmas are:
    1. One of my jobs is in a liquor store
    2. All my friends drink.

    I’m sure the second problem is more common for most, but the first one is going to make it quite difficult, I think.

    Nothing bad has happened to me as of yet from alcohol, but I have the foresight to know that it will. I see and interact with the result of this habit every day with some of the regular customers.

    I’m 25, and I’d still like to drink with my friends casually, but 1 drink becomes 2 and 2 becomes 8 pretty fast when I start.

    I’ve been trying to replace the drinking with more active hobbies and even academically, but I just combine alcohol with them as well.

    Any advice?

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