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    What’s the difference between craving for nicotine, craving for alcohol or craving food. How do you know which one you are craving?

    As some of you will know, I’ve not had a drink for about a year and a half, I stopped smoking 5 months ago and I’m part dieting part bingeing on food ATM.

    I don’t want to drink, I don’t want to smoke and I hate myself for overeating.

    I started a new job recently, we lost our family business and home a couple of years ago, so it’s been scary at my age to go and find a job and also not to have my husband beside me.

    Everything was going well and I was really enjoying it, nervous but hopeful and eager to learn. The other day the boss accused me of forgetting to do something, I’m sure I didn’t but can’t prove it as it’s 3 days later she brings it up. Why she didn’t say anything before this I don’t know. She has been funny with me all of a sudden, avoiding eye contact when I’m speaking to her and there is always a horrible atmosphere when she is as around. Staff have said she can be like this and not to take it personally, but I do. It started to really stress me out.

    Then the next day my husband was 35 minutes late picking me up and I was getting more and more stressed by the minute.

    Since then I have been really tearful and upset and I am getting mad cravings that are not going away.

    It made me think of the fact that I am in recovery(I forget you see because I don’t go to AA anymore)and wondered if I was craving alcohol. I read a bit of the Big Book and as I thought it states that the craving only starts after the alcohol has been consumed.

    So I wondered if I was craving nicotine, but how can it be after 5 months?

    I’m confused and feel screwed up again.

    Can stress trigger cravings?

    I have been through quite a lot in the past few years, but the big things I have coped with. How can these little things do this to me and what can I do about it?

    I think my aim needs to be to try and live as peaceful and stress free life as possible. I just need to find some methods to deal with these situations when they arise.

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