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    Well I think I have hit a new low. I threatened to kill a bus driver while in a blackout & was arrested. I made it to the big time this time and ended up in Cook County jail. It happens to be one of the most overcrowded and violent County jails in the country. I spent a week of hell detoxing in there before being bonded out. It is not a nice way to live & I have to remember alcohol put me there. Upon returning home I opened my mail to discover I was denied Disability for the third time. I didn’t drink over it though & thats a miracle. The doctor in the jail told me something might be wrong w/ my liver because I get drunk after a couple of beers only and blackout. Social Security Disability admits that I suffer from major depression and anxiety but claim it’s due to drugs/alcohol. They don’t consider alcoholism to be a disease. I have invested 16 months into getting a hearing for SSDI/SSI. People say I should appeal again but I think I’m giving up. Thanx for reading.


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