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    Yesterday l was phoned by the children of a good friend.
    Daddy had started again.
    l went there and found him in his own filth and he could hardly speak.
    All he did was take a swig, turn around and try to sleep. This had been going on for days.
    l cleaned him up and took him to the doctor who gave him 10 tablets of oxazepam 50 mg.
    He should be able to detox with that. (This is the 6th time in a year)
    l am going there again today and hope he didn’t leave the house to go after a fresh bottle.
    He had helped me in the same way last feb.
    l was glad l could help him now.
    And was l ever glad that l wasn’t that far gone.
    The only thing is that seeing him like that scared me.
    Because l know that could happen to me too again in a weeks time.
    Just had to tell this. Nobody in my house would understand.
    Stay clean and safe !

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