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    This morning, a dealer calls me up and says he’s got 10 Xannies for $40. The Xannies are only 1 mg. He knows opiates were my drug of choice. I told him to f*ck off. He got pissed and called me some names like a child and hung up. Twenty minutes later, phone rings and I don’t answer. The message now says 10 for 30. I’m having a tough time not going over to the spot and not bringing my baseball bat. I wanna take care of this for good. He isn’t worth it and it would be stupid as sh*t for me to rearrange some parts on his face but I wanna. I don’t need the xannies and more importantly don’t want them. My question is- Anyone ever wanted to get back at your dealer(s)? Or confronted them? Or at least taunted them? Is feeling this way unhealthy for my recovery?

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