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    I do not know if this is the right place to post this..but I wanted to share

    My recovery journet started exactly one year ago today when I was called into my Vice Presidents office. He explained to me that someone in the office accused me of violating company policies and I was under investigation. I was upset. I was a drunk all right, but always valued my ethics. I left work, went to the store for some beverages, and it was on when I got home. There was no stopping that day..I got angrier and angrier with each drink. I became violent and started punching walls, the car, whatever I could. I basically melted down that day. I got rushed to the hospital where the doped me up with who knows what and said “Do not Drink for 24 hrs” That did not last..I woke up and started all over again. Finally I realized I needed help, I could not go on like this for the rest of my life and asked my friend to take me to the Mental/detox hospital. There I was belligerent and violent like I never had been before. Honestly I do not remember my two weeks there. From there I went on to a treatment center where I felt a sigh of relief. Got out of there after 28 days started going to AA and an IOP Program..out of work on medical leave (investigation put on hold). After about a month I thought I was cured and I stopped working either program I was in and went back to work. I got cleared of everything at work and the accuser was disciplined. I started getting back in old habits and patterns and at month four..yep, hit the bar. After that first night at the bar I knew I had to start AA again but never made a meeting, always finding a drinking hole along the way. That was one week where I hit new levels of stupidity..finally I got to a beginners meeting, raised my hand and cried for help. After the meeting a gentleman came up to me and asked me if I needed a temporary sponsor..I am eternally grateful to this man. He got me back on track. Two months later after nightly meetings and checking out other groups I picked my home group where I met my current sponsor. We are going through the big book page by page and I am going over my 4th step with him tomorrow (ironically one year from when this journey started)

    Through the grace of God, the fellowship and program of AA and great sponsorship..I have now been sober over seven months now.

    I wanted to share this journey to all..and leave one the steps, don’t get too comfortable, never say you are cured, help a newcomer, and if you falter remember you will be welcomed back with open arms.

    God Bless All…Scott

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