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    Hi Folks,

    Well, I’ve decided to retire my number. I’ve invested far too much of my time and life in beer and have come to realize it’s a mirage. I had quit for a year to prove that I could do it, had asked My Higher Power to take away the urge and miraculously… it was taken away. During this year I would laugh at the thought that I had no urge to drink. It was crazy because that urge always sprang up as the sun fell down… But that urge was gone and I felt great, and free.
    So I did the year and on Day 386 I believe it was, I decided to have a couple knowing that I wouldn’t go back to drinking like I used to. Well, that was over seven months ago… I’ve gone a few to several days without drinking here and there, and there have been evenings where I did just have two or three, but honestly drinking has become unmanageable once again and so I am removing it from my equation. If you disengage, every battle’s won… and so I disengage from alcohol and once again ask God to take away the urge.

    Thank-you for listening Everbody. I just wanted to get honest and share with you all on this, my Day 1 of sobriety.

    A wonderful and sober day to all of you,


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