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    Hi everyone, I would be most grateful for your help and suggestions. After a particularly nasty “falling off of the wagon” on Friday night I am totally and utterly fed up with myself. I’m still in AA and, believe it or not, going through the steps, fat lot of good thats done for me. Anyways, I have now booked myself in to one of Allen Carr’s clinics for stopping alcohol. I feel this is my last chance of success to stop drinking altogether, forever, amen. I know all the answers, I know all the reasons why alcohol is a poison, totally bad for us, and all the devastation that it brings and to be honest I actually HATE alcohol for the negative effectis it has done to me and I actualy LOVE my sobriety and every day say thank you God for keeping me sober for today but for me its STAYING STOPPED. I hope and pray that this will work for me. Help!!!!

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