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    Hello to one and all. 2 years ago I got clean from alcohol. 12 months ago I stepped away from Marijuana Amphetamines and Benzos. I remain clean from all these substances to this day.
    My struggle is still with codeine however (the last and most stubborn) My addictions and alcoholism were long term – having begun in my teens. Codeine has been there since my twenties. Although I have reduced these last 12 months – I am still using around 150 -200 mg per day. The source is a no frills type of chemist medication with 500 mg paracetamol and 10 mg codeine phosphate.
    I live alone and rarely leave my house (long story) Have been diagnosed with Agoraphobia and some other problems. I also take Celebrex for arthritis and an anti-depressant for the agoraphobia. My doctor applauds my efforts to date – but is not familiar with the twelve step philisophy. I myself personally expouse the twelve steps. They have worked in my life.
    Codeine is beginning to take its toll on my body and I never knew that it would prove to be the most difficult. Sometimes – and only sometimes – I get a little despondant.
    I seem to have reached a stalemate with codeine – consistently failing to go cold and trying to reduce somehow. Any advice or support or help that anyone can offer would be really appreciated.
    This is a genuine question – I have eliminated much from my life – but there is still some more to do. Thankyou.

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