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    hello everyone,
    i know this is my first here, and its going to be a doozy, but feel free of course to bail out on it when it gets way too long? have any of you experienced
    “acute liver failure” before? i hope not, and probably not because if you
    do like an 80% that you will die, but from my drinking i experienced it mildy enough (but me nothing about it was mild) that everything’s going to be ok
    and i avoided the whole set of truly horrible, horrible things that happen to you.

    well, that’s not the story since that’s not much of a story.
    about a week and a half ago, two weeks maybe, after a couple of nights
    of drinking a 750ml of irish whiskey (i didn’t normally drink as much of that,
    not sure why i was hitting it so hard) i woke up the next morning and had
    a seizure while on the edge of my bed. arms, head, shoulders, jerking around
    incredibly violently and uncontrollably. finally it stopped.

    through the day i was having these tremors and inadverdtent moves and jerks, could barely hold on to anything and my eyes started to kind of bulge out of my head. i started to hear things strangely, like every machine that made a noise literally turned into these very strange and ominous chanting sounds, complete with words. i sweated profusely started itching all over my body, strange marks started appearing on me, and bruises. this isn’t just like a one time occurance, i mean continuesly, with each day. i couldn’t sleep for days and just walked back and forth. also completed lost appetite. no food, barely and water. i would intend to do something and then grow confused about that was, then go to take some other action and not know why i was doing that either.

    then, maybe 3 or 4 days of either walking back and forth, hearing my air condition change the song and words of its chanting every so often, and itching and having tremors, or laying in bed itching and having tremors.
    this pain in my lower left side, right under the bottom of the ribcage developed and would just kind of throw there and burble and make this strange liquidy noises. then this bile started to be in my throat all the time
    and gave me breath like a grave or a sewer.

    so i looked this symptoms up, and the completely matched with acute liver
    failure- it happens all at once, instead of being damaged over time,
    and that what was happening was that my living was failing and releasing all of the toxins it usually take care of, into my blood and brain, which had given my encephalitis, swelling of the brain. i also read that basically, if you get this, you die, and that apparently its one of the worst, most excruciating painful ways to die in terms of how intense, the suffering is. in the last stages of it you have 105 degree fever, you are convulsing, you have jaundice (well, you would have had that already) so you are a nice dark yellow coler, your hands are bright red, you have this incredibly huge and painful swelling of the abdomin, your having horrible hallucinations and screaming incoherent madman jibberish about that like a possessed person.
    you’re not a person anymore and even your mother wouldn’t recognize you.

    well, there i was. i had, so i thought, for good reason, literally drunk
    myself to death, a horrible death, and this was what was waiting for me. it was an incredibly horrible and shameful feeling. all this time of course, i wasn’t seeking medical attention, and i think that had something to do with the idea that maybe i thought i actually wanted to die. certainly not like that

    finally though, yesterday things finally got bad enough for me that i had to call an ambulance and go to the ER. after hours of waiting for the results of the blood test, starting to hallucinate from the sickness, dehydration and not having slept in 3 or 4 days,and trying to come to grips with, and accept the fact that this is the way i had wasted my life, and it was already over now,
    i would never see my family, my cat, anything ever again of this world, the results came back.

    it seems that to have acute liver failure the enzymes in the liver need to be at 300 or above, and that mine were at 135. so i had it, and a little liver damage, but in fact i wasn’t going to die, and that after getting an iv drip for a couple of hours i could just walk home.

    what a beautiful walk that was 🙂

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