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    I’ve been thinking about this. I’ve always been a big drinker, but was able to eventually turn it off and get back to life.

    About 6 months ago I started on anti-depressants for stress. That’s when the binging started. It’s like I don’t care as much, or worry as much when I start drikning. Like I have no turn-off switch.

    Has anyone else experienced this? For those on anti-depressants, has that effected you drinking?

    I’m desperately grasping at straws. What ever I need to do. Ii want to do whatever it takes this time

    And what other things should I talk to my dr about. Anyone tried anta-buse, or that medication that helps with cravings?


    Don’t even think about antabuse yet.

    just go to the doctor first.

    One thing at a time, hon.

    tell the doctor the truth.

    exactly how much we drank, how many pills and/or whatever else,
    how many days a week … all of it.

    they can’t help if they aren’t given the right information.


    barb, how hard was it for you to stop?


    Like I say, Greta – I tried to die.
    That pretty much killed any infatuation I had with the disease running my life at that point. I couldn’t live, and I couldn’t die.

    I’ve never know anything scarier than that feeling.
    I knew right then … WE don’t control our dying.

    I *had* to be honest with *Power Greater than Myself* and say,
    “I can’t do this without You. I need Your help. I’ll do … whatever it takes. I have nothing left.”

    I’ve done my very very best … to KEEP that promise.

    And that’s the honest truth.
    It’s changed my life into … something wonderful.

    It can happen for you, too.
    Hard to believe right now, I’m sure, but it can.


    So … even the sickest I was while detoxing ….

    didn’t compare to how horribly … lost. How broken I had been when drinking.
    Just didn’t come close.
    Physical discomfort is NOTHING … when compared to a lost Soul.


    I suppose I should also mention I had the teeniest bit of an oxy habit along with morphine when I could get it there at the end of that ‘adventure’.


    Antidepressants significantly increased my craving for alcohol on the two times I was prescribed them.



    I know I’ve been an aclohic for years.

    But these months, and been so out of control.’ My husband thinks the antidressants are making the issue worse…he’s actually the one who mentioned first.

    Is that why you went off them.

    I admit, they really helped me to deal with my stress better. But if this is the alternative, no way am I staying on them.”

    I need to do everything in my power to get over this insanity.

    Anyone else notice a stronger craving, or a worse ability to stop drinking once you strated>

    I’ve never binged lilke this before.

    Thank you for your post Anrew. What’s your story? How long have you been sober


    My husband thinlks they effected my impulse control. RIght now, I’m not even making it to work, or drinking before work.

    I never did things like that before.

    Year, I still drank hard. But I made ure to make it to work, no matter how hung over I was.


    Notice all medications say DO NOT USE WITH ALCOHOL.

    It’s a catch 22 that keeps you in the cycle of abyess.
    Alcohol is a depressent…so why would you keep drinking it if you where depressed ?
    it numbs you out..but you’re going to suffer the side effect of being depressed.
    But your body craves it and your body ache…at least mine did.
    Not sure if it’s from me stumbling and falling down all over the place when
    I’m drunk ..or a combination both me brusing my body and the craving of

    plus you also will be getting a big headache becuase your body will
    also be craving the suger. Eat fruits with natural suger.
    I also develope a bloode suger level problem due to abusing alcohol.
    when i was in a zone…i did’t eat right or took care of my body.
    So I wasn’t in good health reguardless.
    a check up with a doctor is probably a good idea.

    There’s such as think as alcohol posioning too ya know.

    if you want to stop drinking there’s going to be withdraws.
    Please do not try to detox alone. Talk to a doctor, your husband
    or anyone.

    yes..yes. i done and gone through all of that…drinking and drinking
    becuase alcohol is an addictive agent.

    i was told i looked like a ghost


    How long have you been sober, satit?


    I am not and have never been a big drinker- alcohol has never been my DOC- however I find that while on antidepressants the pleasure I get from alcohol is significantly enhanced. My drinking capacity is also greatly expanded by antidepressants, and I further notice that the pain of hangovers is reduced.

    I don’t remember having these ‘side effects’ when I was on fluoxetine/prozac; I do have them now on an SNRI (Cymbalta).


    I originally came into recovery in 1992.
    I relaped 3 years ago…becuase alcoholism is not cure able.
    That’s when i got stupid sick, sick, sick physically with alcohol.
    It’s if as if I’ve never stopped.

    I’m a binge drinker.. I go for months into the twighlight zone.

    I current have 3 years and a week clean and sober.

    I also suffer from depression.
    In my early soberiety i was put on prozac.
    i crossed the line into snoking lines (meth)….self medicating.

    The doctor precibed me the prozac…the judge ordered me to take

    I’m currently not on any type of medications.


    Alcoholism is progressive all by itself.

    Throwing down xyz medications with alcohol
    is not only counter productive but can be dangerous.

    I needed to be sober for a few months
    before my doctor could see what I required.
    Luckily…I did not need a script for anything.

    Glad to see you here again GG


    Alcohol will most certainly enhance the effects of alcohol, you mentioned taking the anti-depressants for “stress” ? Usually anti-depressants are prescribed for chronic anxiety, depression.. but maybe you are minimizing by saying “stress”. I don’t want to presume.
    I have been on anti-depressants since 1994 even before I began abusing alcohol, I indeed noticed a difference adding alcohol to the anti-depressants, you shouldn’t be mixing the two. I would speak to your doctor and be honest. My doctor warned me at the time I went on anti-depressant’s and anytime I switched.. NOT to drink.

    I’m clean/sober and still on the anti-depressants (panic disorder, bipolar)
    I don’t think the AD’s produce any cravings.. I notice as time goes by the cravings come way way less often and the thoughts are not as persistent.

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