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    Yesterday I got a call from her and she was begging for treatment. FINALLY! We’ve done the forced rehab and she wasn’t ready so she didn’t put the work into the recovery part. I gave her a few #s to call and she said shed touch base with me in the morning. I really didn’t think shed call but she did. She got the info had to get an assesment and then the referal for treatment. I went to pick her up and we went to lunch, her thinking was no fast food in rehab so she wanted a last meal.
    We go to the assesment and she was refused for treatment. She is on an anti depressant, she went thru a rape awhile back and has been on a low dose ever since. They said she had to be off it for a month and that she could come back then. UGH we were deflated. I thought she was going to cry. She hasent used in a week and is hanging in there but she knows she needs rehab. The only alternative is several thousand dollars and she can’t pay that at all.
    We brought her back to the house and she wanted to go to a meeting so I brought her to one 🙂 She looked them up and she has one she can go to everyday. She seems to be very determined but I am just crossing my fingers. She is hoping to find an alternative rehab by the weekend.
    Please continue to pray for us.
    Anyone ever kick heroin without rehab??? Is it even possible??

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