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    For a,’real alcoholic’ like me, putting aside the physical symptoms caused by the fact that my body does not digest alcohol at the same rate as,’normal social’ drinkers, 1oz. per hour causing a build up of the enzymes that breakdown the carbohydrates (alcohol) which results in the mental symptoms, simply put asmessages sent to the brain saying,’Give me more!”

    The one thing that alcohol will do for me that it will not do for normal social or heavy drinkers or even those who are alcohol dependent drinkers, perhaps better know as addicts, accepting the fact that alcohol is an addictive drug.

    The one thing it will do for me , if I am a ,’real alcoholic’ as described in the Big Book, that it will not do for anyone else, as previously described, is instantly, no matter where I am or what my circumstances, make everything arrrlright!

    It was necessary for me to know and fully understand this before I could get sober.

    Applying the principle of Orcam’s razor and cutting away all the extraneous information that has permeated the principles of both the book,’Alcoholics Anonymous’ and the Fellowship that flourished after its publication.

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