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    Well, I just got back from spending a couple of days with the family and our annual Christmas get together. It was my second consecutive sober Christmas and it was even better than last year!

    I was surrounded by several family members, some heavy drinkers, some light drinkers and a few of us non-drinkers. I had a blast visiting, playing cards and playing video games. On Christmas night, as the other non-drinkers and light drinkers drifted off to bed, I was left with the heavy drinkers. I just watched as the beer, wine and champagne flowed, never once feeling an urge to join them. I must admit that I took advantage of their drunken state to smoke them in Wii bowling…I even got the all-time high score as they stumbled around and tried to comprehend how I could beat them all by such a huge margin:)

    I eventually went to bed, grateful for my sobriety and hoping that the rest of them could someday know the true peace and serenity that I’ve found over these past 18 months.

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