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    Some of you probably know that the alcohol withdrawal seizures I had ended up causing me a badly fractured shoulder.

    Well I had to have a metal plate and pins put in it during a 5 hour operation and have been to the hospital regularly since for x-rays etc.
    Today I went and the x-ray was not good at all.
    The plate has slipped, the shoulder is no longer rounded and one of the pins has pushed through and is rubbing against bone.
    Basically I have to have more surgery ASAP, have all the metal taken out and if it hasn’t healed well enough I’ll need a full shoulder replacement.
    And i’m only 30.

    So bascially I’m going to have a life long reminder of my alcoholism. I’m trying to look at it as some kind of bonus in a positive way – like everytime I feel like drinking I just have to lift my left arm and realise it only goes up a little bit!

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