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    I don’t get this….

    If I don’t drink, I feel so proud of myself, feel physically/mentally/emotionally SO much better…

    And then I drink again! I know I don’t want to. Even as I pour the drink, I’m looking at it thinking, “I don’t want this. I’m not even going to enjoy this. I’m seriously going to regret it in the morning”


    …I drink the f**king thing!!!

    WHY??? I get nothing from it anymore, this I know. I’m even taking meds at the moment which, combined with alcohol, make me feel SO nauseous, and yet I still drink. I am not a stupid person but when it comes to booze, I’m the most stupid human being on the planet. WTF???

    Can someone please explain this phenomenon to me??

    Once again, I am SO annoyed with me 🙁

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