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    i have posted on the friends and family board and have received a lot of good advice i am going to try to use. i am posting here though to hopefully gain some hope or to try to put my fears at ease a bit.

    a friend of mine has struggled for about two years with crack and heroin. about 5 weeks ago she just ran off an immersed herself. she immediately took to prostitution to buy her crack and has recently started shooting up again. she is living on the streets in a bad city in jersey. i found her once and she told me she had been doing escort but the pimp took all the cash so she ran off. i am afraid she’ll get herself in a situation with dangerous people and not even be able to get help if she wanted. i am trying to detach, i am starting to be able to but that too is a process.

    i guess i am writing to see if any females had any stories to relate, can somehow ally my fears, and possibly give any hope. she is 30, very pretty, and easily gets in over her head.

    thanks for any words

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