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    OK. So where to start.

    I have been useing opiates for a little over three years. Started on Lortab 5’s ….Blah Blah Blah.. Now I take 3 to 5 roxi’s a daily. 90 – 150 mg .

    It is time for me to quit..

    I heard about sub treatment. I have tried to quit several times and felled so I figured what the hell.. I’ll give it a shot..

    OK.. My appointment for the Dr. is Oct 8.

    I need to find out what questions I should ask?

    Is there anything I should know before I go?

    What an I expect during treatment?< Dr. Visits> < reactions to Sub.> (from someone who has been there personally)

    My basic understanding of the treatment is:

    1. You have to truly be ready to quit..(which i am)

    2. Get off it as quickly as you can..

    My dream treatment would last 5 – 8 day.

    Is this a reasonable amount of time to get the oxy out of my system and have as painless as possible WD? I don’t want to get addicted physically to the Sub.

    Thank you for reading and any all replies

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