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    sounds like jealousy.


    Have nothing to do with people that make accusations about you, just carry on enjoying your soberity.

    Try not to be concerned with what they say … are a survivior Sunnie.

    As a friend says to me at times ~ Don’t let them rent space in your head~

    You have done really well and should be proud!

    Keep posting ……… Joe


    Sorry that you’re going throught that.

    that’s why i got clean and sober for me, nobody can ever take it from me.
    I know i didn’t use and that’s good enough for me.

    if people wanna accuse me..on a good day, I’ll just let go over my head.
    On a bad day, when it gets under my skin and people deem that i need
    to explain myself..

    it’s not totally sereen in the heat of the moment..
    it gose sometime like this..

    ” f-u…I did for me, if you think other wise..think again”

    anger sometime stems from not saying what i feel.
    yeap, i can’t let it eat me up inside.

    however if, I continue to let people abuse me, they’ll continue to do so.
    my responsiblity is to speak up or stand up for myself.
    spiritaulality dose not equal being spineless.

    well, you don’t have to use my stlye, but sometimes some people
    I’m not afraid of throwning rocks back on a good day. fair is


    Misery loves Company comes to mind.
    I do understand your frustration, my sister celebrated 5 years in July clean and sober (heroin and oxyc)
    and she has 4 kids, her soon-to-be husband takes any signs of her being tired as she’s using.. SHE HAS 4 KIDS all home schooled, you bet your ass she’s tired. LOL
    My sister is so cool though she does not let him get into her head, I have sat and watched him yell and scream at her just because she falls asleep watching a movie.. My sister is very quiet and doesn’t usually fight back so I was about to rip him a new one and she shocked me by telling him to leave and go play his movie at his place (they are seperated but he still worms his way back to her place every now and again with a lame excuse)
    I used to think my sister needed to stand up for herself more but the more I watch her the more I understand how she just simply doesn’t let him get her riled up.

    Again.. MISERY Likes company.

    3 years is something to be incredibly proud of! Congrats!


    keep in mind that most people are complete lunatics and you’ll be fine.


    Sometimes the stigma of our addiction follows us around for a very long time. Learn to roll with the punches, as long as you are cleanyou have nothing to fear from petty accusations.

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