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    I started doing meth when I was 18. I did it off and on until I was 23. I was at a point where I was smoking it all day long for close to a year and a half. I finally was able to cut out the people in my life and quit on my own.

    I have taken adderall off and on since high school. I used to just take it on the weekends to drink. I can drink a lot when I am on it and it just made me feel good. I was always too hungover on sunday and wouldn’t take it. If I did take it on Sunday than I felt I had to take it on Monday just to get through work. I got sick of buying it so I went to my doctor and got prescribed. I am a single mom and work a lot of hours so it would help me get through the day when I needed it. But still was only taking it on the weekends.

    When I first started taking it I would talk non stop all night. Constantly wanted to be around people. Always like drinking when I was on it. I would clean and get so much done. I would be upbeat and happy. Just made me feel really good. Than i started feeling like I couldn’t accomplish anything without taking it. My heart pounds so fast and I constantly take more and more. I am anti social now. I am exhausted all the time and it doesn’t even pick me up anymore. I start freaking out before I even run out. I get angry and and in a really bad mood. It’s just wearing me out. I can’t ever sleep good. I take tylenol PM ever night to help me fall asleep than I sleep all day before I have to work. I’m miserable. I have ruined relationships by being paranoid about ****. I get depressed a lot.

    So insane how I can quit meth but yet not this. I don’t want to be like this anymore. I don’t want to have to survive on a drug. I get scared I will go crazy on it after awhile. So tomorrow is my first day off it. I got to do this.

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