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    I haven’t posted here since 2008. The reason; my love addiction with amphetamines. Last time it was Vicodin and Tramadol this time Adderall.

    The dr. I was seeing for depression had the bright idea of prescribing adderall for my depression. He didn’t take insurance and that was the way he made his money. With amphetamines you have to go back EVERY month to get a new script. Many of his patients were self pay and on adderall. A psychiatrist I saw once told me that lots of dr’s want us to become addicts because we have to keep coming back to fuel our addictions.

    I was hospitalized for amphetamine psychosis twice; and haven’t had any adderall in almost a month (since I left the hospital).

    I am lucky my husband has stuck with me through all my relapses.

    I never thought I would become addicted to uppers; since I always loved the downers.

    I also lost my 38 yr old sister in March. The cause of death- coronary artery stenosis due to crack use.. We thought she had been clean for over 10 years but she was a good liar. I guess a lot of us addicts are good liars.

    I am very lucky to be alive; the dr. had me on extremely high doses. I am also lucky I didn’t lose my husband and my soon to be 6 year old daughter. One more relapse and I know my husband will leave me.

    I don’t see many familiar names. Just thought of posting; that’s all.

    Hope eveyone is well.


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