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    I am 23 years old and I have been doing cocaine since I have been about 18 years old.

    When I was 18 I tried coke and ever since then I have been doing it every weekend. I do coke at least 1-2 times a week, usually I will do 1-3 grams a weekend. I usually only do it on the weekends but when I do have one of those nights I decide to spend at least 80-250 dollars on coke, most of the time I share but a lot of the time it will be only me.

    Since I was 18, honestly, there has only been about 3-5 times that I haven’t done coke that week (all the other times I do at least a gram that week) since I was 18, I do it every weekend or at least every week. I never really “crave” the stuff unless I am drunk but I don’t have any friends that dont at least drink beer. A lot of them don’t do coke but they still drink so I am not sure what to do.

    Honestly, during the week I don’t “crave” coke at all, in fact I would never do it unless I am already drunk but everyone else drinks so I do too. If I am not drinking alcohol I always, ALWAYS know in my mind that it’s a stupid idea and I don’t want to mess with it but as soon as I have a couple drinks in me I want to go get some (These past years that I have done it, I have never done coke unless I am already drunk or had a couple drinks in me)

    I don’t know if I should try to go to some of those Cocaine Anonymous meetings or not, the only thing putting me off is that if I don’t drink I never crave it so I figure I am not addicted so I dont need to go but I have spent thousands and thousands on just cocaine for myself these past couple years and I only do it on weekends. Because I only do it a day or two a week I have convinced myself that I am not like those addicts and I don’t need help like them because they want it everyday but I only do it once or twice a week at the most but its been going on for years. My doctor already told me it has messed up my heart and circulatory system but I haven’t taken it in or listened to it yet I guess (in fact the last time I went to the doctor, the doctor straight up told me and wrote on my report that if I continue to do drugs that it could kill me).

    The main thing with me is that I have a house and a job that doesn’t require much effort from me and I get bored a lot during the week so every time I go out with the friends we all drink and at the end of that I want to get coke and thats what messes me up (I know that a lot of the articles say that you should avoid friends that do it too but most of the friends I hang out with don’t mess with that stuff at all so I don’t feel I should have to separate myself from them).

    Is cocaine really that bad? If I do like a gram a week and that is it, will it lessen my life expectancy by years or what? I feel like if I only indulge once or twice a week that it won’t really kill me but I really don’t know. What do you think? Will doing cocaine once or twice a week decrease your life expectancy a lot or what? I know doing it is wrong and everything but if I only do a gram or two a week is it really that bad? I have not really had the urge to quit it since lately and I don’t think it has become a problem but I don’t know the long term effects of it or anything.

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