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    Just writing this sounds stupid.

    I have been abusing codeine to the tune of up to 400mg daily (extracted from aspirin and codeine pills) split into two doses – one in the morning and one in the evening.

    I just (and I do mean just) found out I am pregnant. My first thought was to flush the pills down the toilet and just deal with withdrawal but after doing a bit of research, I realize how stupid that would be.

    I want to taper off this drug ASAP. I am thinking of doing a fairly aggressive taper plan.

    The trouble is (and the stupid part) is that I really don’t want to tell my doctor about my codeine use. Nobody in my life knows about this. If my husband finds out, it may very well destroy our marriage.

    Do you think there is any way I can do this without anyone knowing? I am absolutely and positively going to stop. I will not do this to an innocent unborn life.

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