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    Wanted to start this thread now that I have a few days in and can discuss this topic. What I hope to get out of this is people talking about there issues with needles and rituals. Is it harder to quit the dope or the actual needle think about it. I believe to believe in order to fix an issue within ourselve we have to know what the true issue is. A little about me. I am an ADDICT. Not just of dope but of everything. That is something that took me close to 15 years to truely understand and accept. But it will help me survive, Thrive, and Be one of the strongest people out there. I am addicted to the needle. It doesn’t matter what drug is in it. I am addicted the ritual It doesn’t matter what type just the preprocess the seconds right before that is what I am more addicted to then the actual after effect. Well a little personal info. I have been clean now 18 days went through Heroin withdrawl cold turkey this last time. Prior was Meth, Coke, Crack, Meth, Crack, End with Heroin. I look back and am happy to still be here with all my teeth and fairly good health besides the Rheumatoid Arthritis I have at such a young life. Here is the thing I have battled through this and made it out to the other side. I hope that my past experiences can be used to positively help other get through there issues. So if you have questions leave them, if you have thoughts post them if you want to BS I am here I will make an honest effort to help anyone that wants Ya Know WHY BECAUSE YOU DESERVE IT BY TAKING THE FIRST STEPS AND YOU ARE A GOOD PERSON INSIDE! AND WELL YOU ROCK. HAVE A GREAT DAY!:c029:

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