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    I am really curious about something, and actually did see a stat last night about it. However, thought I would throw it out here for an informal type survey.

    I am an alcoholic, and I know I have an addictive personality in general. When I was a freshman in high school, I was anorexic. To this day (I am 41), I refer to myself as a recovering anorexic, as I am not sure one ever really gets past it. I still have to be careful whenever I try to lose any weight or work on my physical fitness. It is very easy to slip right back into old ways.

    One of my good friends at my home group is a recovering bulemic. It got me wondering about the relationship between eating disorders and alcoholism/addiction. Last night, I saw a show that said 50% of people with eating disorders develop a substance abuse addiction. Not sure where it came from.

    I believe it would include any of the gamut — anorexia, bulimia, overeating, exercise anorexia, etc.

    If you are willing to weigh in, what are your thoughts or experiences?

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