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    Good afternoon everyone! I’m new here to the forums, and I’m trying to make a lifestyle change. I would in no way consider myself “rock-bottom” or anywhere near it, but I am aware I have a lasting problem with substance abuse. I like to get messed up, plain and simple, and I’ve gone through periods where I would smoke large amounts of weed on a daily basis, and wouldn’t hesitate to take some pills or drink if it came my way. I’ve dabbled in many substances, but never really got stuck to any, besides marijuana and nicotine. But I can see it in myself that it could develop into a problem if I had a traumatic situation in my life or something like that. As of right now I want to go 100% totally sober, I don’t want to master moderation, I don’t want to do it on occasion, I want to quit, I desperately want that. I’m in college right now, a freshman at IU, and this college parties, which I can see becoming a problem. I would also like some advice on what I should do about my friends. I would say 9.5/10 of my friends use either nicotine/marijuana/alcohol regularly. I would like to know if it is at all possible I can still be good friends with these people and be able to resist temptation. Again, my only strong addiction is in marijuana and nicotine, and obviously nicotine carries a little bit more strength over me, but that is not to undercut marijuana, considering I have used that as a constant escape in the past. Any advice is greatly appreciated!

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