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    Hello all. I am new to the discussion and have been sober for 6 months. I’ve been in and out of the program for a decade, but have never actually wanted it bad enough to try anything before. Well, this time I have hit what I hope is rock bottom and am willing to go to any length to stay sober and have a good, productive, serene life. I’m 35 yrs old, male, chronic alcoholic, multiple DUI convictions, educated, and confused. Within the last year I was arrested for 2 felony DUI’s, lost my professional license, lost my business, income, house, self respect, respect of others, vehicles, all material possessions, etc. Went into a treatment center for 3.5 months. I’ve been attending AA since i left treatment 2.5 months ago, staying with family, etc. My legal issues have worked out to where I will plea to two misdemeanor DUI’s to prevent a felony conviction and serve 180 days in county jail, starting early June 2011. I obviously dont want to go to jail, but have been in the past (10 yrs ago) and know that I can get through 6 months. I am honestly very lucky that this misdemeanor offer is even on the table considering what punishment I could be facing. Now, my question for all of you:
    I have no idea what I should do after I am released from jail in early December 2011? I cannot go back to my former profession due to license suspension. I will not have a valid drivers license for at least 3 years. I cannot continue to live with family even though they would allow it. I have been depressed, isolating, etc the entire time I’ve been here. I need to be around other people with the same issues that I have to feel comfortable currently, so I’ve been considering a sober living home, half-way house, or even a work-based residential long-term treatment center if I could find any? I will either have to be at a center that provides transportation to and from work, or live somewhere near decent public transportation (half-way house). I’m bankrupt and cant afford anything expensive. I believe that I will be able to get a job at entry level but would love to have some form of support services offered by a treatment center/half-way house. Basically, I’m worried about the future and know that I should just wait and see, but its hard. Also, you throw into the mix that I am going to have probation requirements for 2 years when I get out and that makes things more complicated, i.e likely have to stay in the area for that period, thereby cutting down on options.
    If anyone has been in a similar situation, has any suggestions, or has any advice at all, I would greatly appreciate it.

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