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    I just found out that my eldest brother Billy died. I am one of 12 siblings…all whom were put in foster care. Every so often I google my natural last name…This last google led me to his obit…he was 46 and died of aids…he didn’t stand a chance. I was placed in foster care at the age of 2, both my parents were alcoholics. Billy, Rick and I all went to the same home until my natural mother got back custody of my brothers…somehow I was able to stay. I always thought I had time to reconnect…I am 42 now an realize that time is not on my side. In Billy’s obit I see he has a child the same age as my daughter…only 2 months apart. My foster Mother has pictures of us all at Christmas…a time when we were just kids…there is a part of me that wants to send his wife copies of the photos…a time that his daughter can see that her Dad was young, loved and not an addict. I am scared to do so as it may lead to relationships that I may not be equipped to handle. Any suggestions? My heart is hurting…for Billy and for his daughter.

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