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    I thought about putting this in the Mental Health section, but for me this is more a discussion about alcohol and its relationship to depression, which is why I am putting it here instead.

    Been reading a bit about the relationship between the two. My experience is that some of my darkest moments come out of nowhere when I am drinking heavily. I am, by nature, a pretty upbeat person, but alcohol inevitably brings me eventually into a state that is borderline suicidal, if not actually so.

    I’d always assumed, like many probably do, that this is because I cover up my depressive thoughts when I’m not drinking, and that alcohol disinhibits me enough that these thoughts and feelings are unleashed during a drunk. But the more I read about the relationship between the two, the more I come to see that this is backwards. Alcohol isn’t a symptom of my depression. It’s a cause of depression.

    Really seeing this is adding another layer to my resolve to get sober. While I already know that drinking to cover pain does not work, what this tells me is that there is no way it could ever work. Experience has already shown me that I hit a pretty bad state when I drink. Alcohol makes depression worse. If I want to feel good, I can do that by not drinking. Staying sober is the key.

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