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    hello. i have been using marijuana every day (have taken breaks of up to 2 months) for 3 years, and my alcohol intake has risen slowly up to where i have been drinking every night for the past 2 months or so. i have also been doing over the counter codeine with alcohol 3-5 times a week. i use the cold water extraction technique to extract a lot of the asprin out of ac&c pills and do 25 at a time with around 1L of beer (around 3 beers).

    i wasnt having much trouble with physical withdrawal symptoms with my alcohol and codeine when i took breaks of up to a week with them and i wasnt too worried about my body. in fact when i was feeling angry at myself it seemed fine to abuse my own body with substances. until a few days ago when i drank a little too much beer at night and woke up with flu-like symptoms the next morning, which i have mildly gotten before but not to that degree. i was sensitive to heat and cold, and had to stay home all day. i went for 2 days sober with alcohol and codeine, but on the 3rd day (yesterday) my body was feeling a bit better and to cope with depression i used codeine and alcohol again. i thought i could tamper off them by using them every 2 days, then every 3, 4, etc. instead of quitting cold turkey. at night my stomach was making sounds and moving around a lot and although it wasnt painful, it was uncomfortable. today i woke up feeling kind of unhealthy, and since i had 25 codeine pills left i was so tempted that i decided to do them. after i went to get beer and prepared the codeine i was starting to get a headache, but after i did the codeine and drank a few sips of beer i felt fine. after around half of a beer, my stomach was feeling weird again, and i was worried about stomach bleeding.

    my questions are, what could be happening to my stomach? it still feels kind of weird and its still making sounds. sometimes i feel a tiny bit of pain but its more uncomfortable than painful.

    i thought that since i wasnt drunk all day, only drank and night and drank around 3 to 6 beers a night i wouldnt have to go through too bad of a withdrawal, but ive read that each time you relapse the withdrawal symptoms get worse. i dont really want to go through what i did 3 days ago, and was wondering if going to a doctor to get a benzo prescription would be a good idea. since i have been addicted to pot, alcohol, codeine, and cigarettes (around 1-4 a day recently), im kind of afraid of getting dependent on them and dont know if i drink or use codeine enough to go through life threatening withdrawal (seizures and such).

    my last question is about AA or NA or other similar groups. i understand that a big part of them is religion, but i am not religious and dont see myself praying to a christian god any time soon based on my logic. is it common for non religious people to go to AA or NA, or are other groups more recommended?

    thanks very much

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