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    Hey everyone.

    I am new to this forum (or to any about getting sober that is). I’m 20 years old and have been abusing alcohol since I was a senior in high school, it wasn’t until this past year that I started to wonder if I had a major problem but in the past few months any doubt has gone away. I started having major/dangerous withdraw symptoms after binging for a few days such as shaking, weakness, confusion, vomiting, twitching, stuttering and I just know their has to be some brain damage when it comes to overall intelligence and people skills. I started drinking alone almost consistantly and it was hard for me to go even a day or two without drinking. Unfortunetly I am studying abroad so generally the atmosphere is “WOO lets party and drink” amongst the other American students but I’m the only one ALWAYS drunk. I so badly want to stay sober this time, as I am now. Yesterday I was still withdrawing horribely and attempted to cure this by plunging head first into a large case of beers but when a friend passed me the glass I could barely lift it, I had to actively hide my hands under me so no body would notice the violent shaking. You’ll be happy to know I did the logical thing and stopped drinking then and there.

    The country I am in has no detox centers or anything so I am currently detoxing myself at the moment. I had one small drink at midday because I am scared of something horrible happening such as death. I feel okay right now but I don’t know, do Tremurs or a seizure happen suddenly or can I take my currently good health as a sign I am okay to start living completely without alcohol in my life?

    I know we aren’t suppose to post a lot of medical advice but maybe just tell me how any of your detox experiences went since I have a limited range of doctor connections here.

    Thanks for listening.

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