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    I am 4 days sober now. the last time i drank was last saturday night. my husband and I and the kids went out of town for a family wedding. and it was a lot of fun. my daughter had so much fun dancing. I ended up drinking a lot, way too much, because i woke up with the worst hang over ever the next day at 6 in the morning to my son screaming for me to change his diaper and feed him. that was a bad day. i havn’t had a hang over that bad in forever. i was trying not to drink, but its so hard being at a social event like a wedding, where there is nothing but alcohol surrounding you, and not want to drink, especially since i’m addicted to begin with. and drunk people kept coming up to me with more drinks and beer. my husband ended up taking the kids back to the hotel earlier so they could sleep, and i stayed at the reception and got drunk. and acted stupid. not proud of myself. very embarrassed and ashamed of my behavior. how is this suppose to work in life. how can i go out into society, weddings, parties, restaurants, where alcohol is every where, the advertisments are every where. its so hard. i have been doing better. maybe no one would think so, but i’ve been 4 days sober now, and that’s hard for me. i’m trying. and when i do drink, i’m really trying never to let myself get drunk. i’m trying to control it. even tho, i know every one says that its impossible.

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