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    The name of the illness is Alcohol-ISM, the alcohol is but a symptom, to which as Dr.Silkworth said in ,’The Doctors Opinion’ p.xxv ‘Alcoholics Anonymous’ 4th Ed. I have a physical allergy, in simple terms this simply means that I do not digest alcohol in quite the same manner as other people (1oz per hour) consequently the build up of acetone attempting to procees the carbohydrates (alcohol) sends signals to my brain so that I crave more of the same with the usual disastrous aftermath.

    If you are a,’real alcoholic’ like the undeniable factor mentally is that if I imbibe alcohol, no matter what the circumstances, happy or sad, money or no money it doesn’t matter, it instantly makes everything aarrrrllrrrrright! Which is why, if you’re a,’real alcoholic’ clinics andtreatment centres don’t work.

    So how do I deal with the -ISMS and what are they, in life, everyday affecting everybody else there are thousands of little arrows floating about, some hit you, some hit me some hit people on the far side of the world when I’m asleep, what I must learn is that, THEY ARE NOT ALL AIMED AT ME! The best way, for me to deal with this unseen phenomena is for me to learn, accept and practice the 12 Steps of Recovery, suggested in the,’Big Book’ previously referred to as,’Alcoholic Anonymous’ a book which to me, who over the years has read many, many books has , especially in the first 164 pages never lied to, me although parts of it might need a expanded explanation, I’ve fround help with this can be found on this site in the various Forums. I add to this by trying to make spiritual progress on a daily basis, in my case I’ve found that adhering to my Christian beliefs and Buddhist principles (not much difference there) of great benefit, but each to his/her own. I’m sure that many people wiser, sober much more than I will have their own views and opinions on what I have written, I would like to hear those views especially if they are of a CONSTRUCTIVE nature. Mike W.

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