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    I was hoping my alcoholic partner would see how great I have been doing almost 4 months sober and maybe join the team. I knew it probably wouldn’t happen, but sometimes the unexpected happens.

    This week I noticed that he has been drinking more than normal for some reason, and I even had to leave him sleeping at the kitchen table sleeping a couple of nights, but he thinks that behavior is okay.

    Well last night we went to a party and he drank excessively needless to say. He ended up urinating in his clothes at home and all over the bed. Then he some how fell and hurt his back. He is in excruciating pain right now, might need to get an X-ray. Not the first time something like this happened, 1yr and 1/2 ago he broke 3 ribs pulling a T.V on top of him in a drunken stupor.

    It just boggles my mind that he can see everyone’s problem, but his own.

    Oh well, I guess we are not ready until we are ready.

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