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    I was told very early on in sobriety that in order to stay sober, I would have to, among other things, change my thinking about what alcohol and drinking did for me. I am a twelve stepper, but I post this in the Alcoholism forum in the hope of a broader discussion with input from all corners of the recovery spectrum.

    Before quitting, and before the nightmare that was the last six months of my active alcoholism, I thought of alcohol as my friend. It was always there for me, ready to help me mask and erase any unpleasant emotions, or so I thought.

    I heard in a meeting once: “I don’t have a drinking problem, I have a thinking problem!”

    Alcoholic thinking… Pretty broad definition. But it fits me. I had it. Big time.

    What are some of the actions you took, or are taking, to change your thinking about drinking?

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