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    and it runs pretty damn deep in my family.
    I just got done talking or listening to my nephew.
    Well he asked me what was wrong with me and why I do the things
    I do; such as get involve in a relationship that i know that’s not too
    healthy over and over again.
    So i say to him do you really want to know ?

    Then he broke down and cried and open up. About how it effects him
    already. there’s alot of personal issues that i rather post. While i can
    related to all the pain he is going through. Never the lest.. it is still
    heartbreaking. Yes I lived tha living hell as a child but to hear my nephew
    say all the things he feels or thought of doing was like reliving my childhood
    again. He’s in so much pain and didn’t understand why all of this BS is
    happening to him. He feels so hopless and powerless over life and do
    not know what to just hurts and he’s been carrying all of this
    hurt inside of him and no one seems to care..He feels that no one
    loves him…I wonder why ?

    If anyone considering about drinking and getting drunk or trying to out
    smart recovery or manage your drinking.
    Please reconsider if you have kids and love ones.

    While i’ve been in recovery and i’m trying to be there for my nephew.
    There’s alot of children out there that has no one to trun to and hurting.


    SaTiT I know where you are coming from, there are many victims of alcoholism that never drink or drink normally. My wife & children are victims, my wife thank God is an adult and was one of those women who would not allow her self to be a victim of my drinking.

    Even though she was ready to move out with the kids due to my drinking, what I did to them for thier entire 14 years upon the face of this earth before I stopped is still there, it is healing, but not as quickly as they or I would like. Having a drunk as a father had an impact upon them that will take years for them to overcome.

    The thing I am thankful for is that being sober I am no longer contributing to thier problem, I am contributing to the solution to thier problems. Yes I am partially at fault due to my drinking in the past, but today they are far happier then they were and love me for who I am today.

    I am making my amends to all of my children, part of the amends are by simply not drinking, the larger part of my amends is being a father today.

    As you have said SaTiT if someone is sitting on the fence as to whether or not to quit drinking, sit down and think hard about the impact this is having on the ones you love, use that impact as part of your bottom and quit digging the hole deeper, the longer I drank the harder it was to quit and the more alcohol controled me.


    yup,it sure does suck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    I hear ya……….

    Its a daily struggle for me………….

    Ya ever wake up in the morning, sayin’, “why me?”


    Its a daily struggle for me………….

    It was for me for the first several months.

    Ya ever wake up in the morning, sayin’, “why me?”

    Those first few months I did, the longer I was sober and the more I worked the steps the less I have felt that way, now it is no longer a struggle, it is part of my life that I have accepted and worked through, I work on my recovery daily and as long as I spiritually am in the right spot in my recovery there is no longer a struggle nor a “Why me?” feeling, just a simple acceptance.


    Ditto to what Taz said..
    The more I put into it the more I get back.

    The disease is like a sleeping tiger….will always be there..
    Acceptance & following suggestions of others did get me past the struggle and the fight.


    what a story
    boy, i bet, you didn’t even know the kid felt this way
    now that you do
    well, it’s up to you


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