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    We know someone who basically abuses alcohol going over a dozen beers A session. Uses PEDs/Steroids. Uses caffiene and stimulanet filled drinks before and after his NON Olympic workouts. This makes someone who ALREADY had a short temper even worse.

    This has basically been their adult life for the last 20 years or so. But now their situation has been worsend by un-employment even though they got unemployment,retirement $,severance and ” unofficial ” income. He never worried about price tags and doesn’t now. Considers YOU cheap and selfish if you don’t spend to his standards.

    He has literally been one step ahead or on the verge of personal legal & financial disaster their entire adult life frequently bailed out by business contacts or more mature friends who are now lawyers,accountants,police etc.

    An already nasty demeanor has basically become abusive. He is very carefull to project the right image in public, in front of other family and friends to the point of being a weasel,actor or con artist. He wants to be THE position of authority at all times.

    We’re currently waiting for him to actually hit somekind of bottom but I don’t even think this will work because the longer he eludes disaster it seems to reinforce his behavior.

    Should we write this off as being part of personality?

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