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    I am sure no one remembers me. But I would like to update to make sure people know I didn’t fall off the wagon..It will be 5 months on monday that I decided to change my life. When I first posted here I was depressed and thinking life would never be good again. Since then I have come a long way, I am happy with life, FINALLY content with where I am at.

    Also I posted about tearing up my shoulder in an accident, deer vs motorcycle. I have had 3 failed surgeries on it, and last month it had been hurting worse than it has ever hurt before. I went to the doctor to get an MRI, 2 days later he calls me and tells me to come in for a visit so he can show me things, Turns out the old screws that are in there are not holding my biceps tendon to my bone anymore, and my labrum is severely torn, again. He offered me a prescription for the pain, but I politely refused and told him I am not ready for surgery right now.

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