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    Got in a fight with the wife on Friday. Was drunk. Ended up pushing her. She aksed me to leave. I did. The next morning when talking, she told me she called the police. She stated that she just wanted to get information and did not want to press charges. That is simply not possible in a DV case. Next thing she knew, she got a knock at the door and it was the police. She told them to leave, but they said they couldn’t. They came in and took her statement and such. They told her, she would get a call from the detective, and I would ge a letter in the mail. Now, she doesn’t want anything to do with the case, since we are in counceling and I am attending Domestic Violence and anger management classes. However, it is not as easy as calling and saying you want the charges dropped. I do not face jail time, but may be able to do a plea in abeyence, and just get off with classes and a fine. The only bad thing, I will have a record for the rest of my life.

    Has anyone had experience with this before? We are both hoping we can get the charges dropped and that we can work to fix our problems, but avoid the courts and such.

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