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    My step son asked his brother, my wife and I to give him some time alone tonight with his girlfriend. We agreed to accommodate. I had class from 5:00 – 8:00, the other kid went to New York to see his dad, and my wife went to a funeral of a friend we recently lost to cancer. So, I left class at 8:00 and made my way home without a thought of drinking. The cell phone rings at 8:05 and my step son says, “Hey, can you go to the tavern for an hour?” I hesitate and express I planned on coming straight home. He replies, “Just for half an hour”. This was enough to convince me. I pull over telling myself I will only have a beer and then go home. I try calling my wife but get no answer. As I am walking into the tavern the phone rings again and he states, “Don’t go, you made too much progress” I turned around and immediately drove home. I managed to avoid that drink but it is apparent I have a long way to go.

    I still haven’t attended an AA meeting. The local meetings are inconvenient with my work and school schedule. Plus, I am still reluctant to publicly express my alcoholism. It made me realize the value of a sponsor. I have no one else to call at this point and I am easily convinced that a drink will be ok. Its only been a little over a week. Just needed to tell this to someone.

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