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    I am very greatful I am still clean today since I came very close Saturday night to saying f-it! My girlfriend and I had a disagreement on an issue to the point where I didn’t even want to be around her. I left and my first thought was screw it I don’t want to deal with this or her and sad to say my first thought was PILLS!!! Thankfully I do the little game I have called not today I’ll do it tomorrow.

    Basically I promised myself if I feel like using like I did Sat. I would wait till the next day to act on it. It might sound crazy but it works for me because of course the next day all I feel is relief that I didn’t give in to that stupid obsession. I made it through the night and felt better and worked through the issue instead of running from it. The joys of recovery.

    I have to say though the obsession in that moment really scared me, had I easy access to pills I don’t believe I would still be clean. Thank goodness what I’ve learned in N.A. stuck.


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