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    Alternative recovery discussion

    Ok I would really like to hear from people who have tried, are thinking of trying, are presently trying any alternatives to the 12-step approach.

    Now if anyone feels the need to turn this into a AA vs. Them, or Only AA. Please refrain from doing so. I would like to see what works for people, other then AA. We definitely don’t need another AA argument. For or against.

    Why does it work for you?
    Why it didn’t work for you?
    Why your thinking of trying this?

    You tried an alternative approach and it didn’t work.
    Why do you think that it failed you?
    What would you do differently?

    I will get it rolling, I used a CBT / Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy approach to clean and sober.

    It works for me because there is not spiritual component, and my life is totally in my hands to live it or throw it away. I have the power to make the choices in my life. No one is going to rescue me the only one is me. How I think affects how I feel and more importantly how I handle the situation.

    10 years clean now so possibly it’s working, I also never even consider using again, doesn’t cross my mine and I am not an addict just a person who chooses not to use anymore.

    Anyways that’s what works for me.

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