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    ok, in my sobriety, i think i have become a pretty good friend to other people. however, one of my closest friends and i had a pretty big disagreement and i haven’t talked to him since. it’s been almost 2 weeks.

    why do i care? he helped get me sober. he says i’m his best friend.

    background: we were supposed to go motorcross riding at a track about an hour north of where i live. we were supposed to meet up at 1:30 to go turn some laps and it seemed like we were. he called me at 10:30 to re-confirm.
    So i packed up my truck and waited and waited and waited.

    at 12:30 i call him…no answer….1:00, i call, no answer….1:20 i call, no answer… so i leave him a message saying if he didn’t call me back by 1:30, i wasn’t going..he calls me back 10 minutes later…right at 1:30 to tell me he was busy relaxing with his girlfriend and kids and just didn’t feel like calling me back right then.

    i’m pretty furious. he asked if i was still going and i still wanted to go, so i said yeah, but i wanna talk about this because i’m annoyed. he blew me off.
    so i get to the track and tried to take him aside and express my annoyance and he blew me off….i told him he better listen because i was not messing around…he blew me off.

    i rode for 2 hours, didn’t say 2 words to him, packed up my s#it and left.

    he texted me 2 days later asking if i was still pissed. i told him “hell yeah” i was. i told him he was really disrespectful to me and wasted my time and that was not something i would accept from anyone. i told him what was worse was i got no apology and for that i said that he could eat s#it as far as our friendship was concerned.

    i’ve never been one to ever let anyone walk all over me. i have high self esteem, and that was unacceptable to me.

    so another 4 days go by and now he texted me this morning asking if we could talk because i was his best friend and he wanted to iron this all out.

    thing is, i’m still pretty pissed. if i say i’m going to do something, i do it and i’m on time. this guy is late for everything and obviously thinks his time is more valuable than mine. i say F that s#it.

    my wife says i’m over-reacting. i say if he was sorry then why did it take him 2 weeks to say it? i’m not sure what to do here.

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