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    My doctor has me on alot of meds and still prescribes me benzos (I slipped a couple of days ago with my Klonopin but I am back on track now). I need the Klonopin because of my panic attacks. I have wound up in the ER numerous times with severe panic attacks and have been on benzos half my life. Started at age 16 I am 32 now.

    I have horrible insomnia and my dr. has tried many medications to help me sleep. I am finally on a “cocktail” that works.

    1. 30mg Dalmane
    2. 15mg Zyprexa
    3. 60mg Remeron
    4. 10 mg Valium

    I know people are going to say OMG how can she take all this medication..BUT I have major tolerance issues. I can take 10mg of Valium and run a marathon.

    I am not looking for medical advise just opinions. Do you think this sleeping “cocktail” may be frying my liver (although my dr. says no).

    I don’t know what else too do. It’s a no win situation. Either don’t take the meds and stay up all night OR take the meds and sleep 8 hrs.

    I’m just rambling; sorry…any comments would be appreciated…


    aka-Lizrox :flow:


    Re: your liver – they can do a liver test to see how it is

    Re: meds & addiction &/or Alcoholism – here in Canada we have doctors that Specialise in Addiction – All my friends that are new in Sobriety get their meds checked by an Add. Dr. and he finds alternatives to addictive ones that will trigger relapse and allow us to stay sober..Esp. Benzos – HELL to come off of I know – really build tolerance to them


    Like you said, that’s not really something anyone besides your doctor can know.
    I know for me they have to take my blood to check on my liver.

    It takes a combo of two meds in order to get me to sleep. Otherwise I can be awake for days without sleep.
    If it’s working for you, then how is it a no win situation?

    Have you thought about seeing a new doctor if your not happy with the one you have?


    Get a 2nd opinion from another M.D.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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