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    My cousin, Gary, is younger than I am, and is in the hospital with liver problems. When he was younger, he used to shoot up heroin and developed hepatitis. Despite treatment, he has had a lot of problems, hasn’t been able to work for years because of fatigue/exhaustion.

    I haven’t heard the “official prognosis” of this hospitalization, but my years of being a nurse tells me his liver is failing. I haven’t seen him in about 25 years, and he wasn’t even in high school yet.

    The doctors told my aunt and uncle that Gary “would not live to be an old man”, and this was a long time ago. Years ago, we buried another uncle who’s liver failed after surgery..he was 50, and had been a heroin addict.

    If Gary dies, I can’t even go to the funeral to support my family because of financial consequences I’m dealing with from MY addiction.

    I hate this disease, but I’m grateful, today, that I have almost 18 months clean and so far, no long-term health effects from the years of my abuse.

    Hugs and prayers!


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