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    I’ve taken this in the past to dissuade me from drinking. Did it work? Heck yeah cuz, of course, I had to make sure it did it’s job. I took it regularly then stopped for 2 days. I drank 1 beer and a shot and was deathly ill for hours. My physical reaction was dry heaves, my blood rushing to my skin and basically on the floor writhing like a snake who was dying.

    My doctor had informed me that every body type is different therefore, the reaction can be more severe or lesser. For me, it was a cure all to never venture “testing the waters” again!

    Today I still have Antabuse in the med cabinet. I take it before going out to a slippery place where I may be jeopardized and compromise my sobriety.

    Just an FYI on whom ever may be interested. I saw the earlier thread yet it became closed and couldn’t comment there.

    Hope this is useful! 🙂

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