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    Hi All,

    I found this site through googling and hope to seek help. Yes a Friday! How meaningful and challenging.

    A bit about my habits:I am a binge drinker, & would only binge drink on weekends, drinking 2-40oz bottles, red wine shots, beer, etc. till I pass out. I would hammer myself on Fridays and wouldn’t feel an extreme hang over unless I had a lot. I’ve gone through Saturdays drinking early in the morning till I pass out at night. Sundays I would have some in the morning but would not let myself get too buzzed because I work the typical Monday-Friday.

    The drinking habit has gotten worst this year, in that I would get hammered a bit on a ‘weekday’. That’s how bad it has gotten.

    Symptoms/Signs/Effects I noticed:
    I grew up having over-active nerves, possibly general anxiety like my father. But my anxiety stems from an uncontrollable nervous system that prompts me to ‘SWEAT’. I understand that being nervous can cause me to sweat, but it shouldn’t be that sensitive. I notice this happening especially in social situations. So I thought I had social anxiety. I am a bit shy, but having sweat trigger that fast has hurt me as well. At work, I’ve gotten more comfortable and had some medication to help me, but after researching, I think a lot has to be attributed to drinking and how it damages my nervous system and ruined my brain.

    I was wondering if there is any help in this, in that if I become sober, will my anxiety lessen? I hope so. More so, will I not sweat as much? I do exercise 2-3 times a week. I hope I am not too late.

    Believe it or not, I have gotten an A in speech, but my anxiety would just be really bad. Now days, I don’t think I can do a speech w/o taking medication.

    Please help. This weekend I plan to be clean. (yeah, said this too many times).

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