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    Hi, I’m new here. I’ve been sober since 4/22/08 and have been finding a lot of comfort talking to other alcholics like myself. One of the reasons I drank was due to my identity issues stemming from my adoption. I’m wondering if there are any other acloholic adoptees out there that can realate.

    For me I was adopted into a great family and always knew that I was adopted but still had the feelings of not knowing if what my true likes and dislikes were, my parents have somewhat eccentric tastes. Of course I also had the feelings of not being “a part of”. For all of my life this was a big secret, i never told anyone, until I walked into rehab almost a year ago. I wrote an autobiography and included the adoption but never had the courage to see what it really was. Today I see the damage that keeping this secret (and secrets in general) has done.

    By the way, I’ve been waiting this past 11 months for my issues to disappear. Funny thing is they didn’t disapear when I was drinking for 20 years and they haven’t disappeared since I quit. I find myself having to learn how to live sober. I recently joined this site to help do that. To talk to other alcholics and hear their experience, strength and hope. To help myself reach out and find some fellowship. I’m finding that the more I do these things, along with reading the big book and going to meetings I find more serenity.

    So, let me know, thanks.

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