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    I have a 6 year old son with an alcoholic. He lived it hard and rough for 12 years.
    He went into rehab on his own after weaning himself down enough to avoid severe Dts. He completed the rehab, seemed to gain a lot from the meetings…

    When he came out he was supposed to go to outpatient, and continue with meetings. He skipped outpatient.

    He manages 1 -2 meetings a week. When he goes to a meeting, he is like a different person for 24 hours after, he is kind, responsive, warm, communicative, etc. He is self reflecting, and learning, and I can see that…WHEN he goes. Then he kind of slides back to stinkin thinkin, and just glides by. He is afraid a lot, panicky.

    Otherwise, he spent the last 8 weeks here, sleeping all day, everyday until 1-2pm, staying awake all night up til 3-4am. It has been disruptive and difficult to live with. WHen he is awake, he is OK for periods of time, then will need to retreat to the computer for chess for a few hours…

    He is present with our son, for th most part, is being MOSTLY kind to me, altho sometimes he is like a teenager fighting an authority figure.

    I guess I wonder if you folks, with a lot of time, or experience would say he is dry drunk. He went back to work today…8 weeks out of rehab. He seems like he will continue with it, but we will see. The only reason he did go was because he lost his UC.

    I make boundaries, I am loving, but firm. I try to be compassionate without being conned, and he was quite the conman for years. ‘
    There are a lot of betrayals that I put into the past, and I am doing my best to be supportive, but..I cannot see through as to whether I am enabling him to remain physically sober, but moving slow on the other work to be done….

    BTW, I am in Alanon, I am working steps.

    I guess Im just asking for a guage.
    ANy feedback would be great, thanks…

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